Sun-Herald, 3 May 1998

Pick of the week

Some see it in golden sunsets, other in maths. Purity, order the nature of the universe. Adam Spencer, Triple J announcer and host of Aunty's science show Quantum, thinks mathematics is "the most beautiful thing in the world." The former PhD student (Pure maths, Sydney University) whose career took a media turn after he won a Triple J stand-up competition, shares his passion for pi and probability today, as part of Canberra's week-long Science Festival. In the Bradman theatre at the National Convention Centre at 2pm, Spnecer expands on such erudite topics as the maths of Monopoly - in which he reveals the most valuble property to own (hint: it's not Mayfair); the secrets of the sexiest number in the world (hint: it's not 7) and will also be "touching your nose" (which makes a mean party trick). Spencer's modus operandi is in keeping with this all-encompassing fest, aimed at busting science stereotypes and showing how prevalent science is in all our lives. The program, in fact, proves this: from solar boat races and nature walks (see Outdoor) to the best of B-grade science-fiction cinema (see Film) to UTS Associate Professor in Computing Jenny Edward's talk on the impact (hype or horror) of The Millenium Bug. Spencer's other gig, Good News Week, is getting in on the act - scientific luminaries stud the Robins and McCrossin panels on May 6 for a special taping of the series on Wednsday at the Royal Theatre, National Convention Centre, 31 Constitution Avenue.

Price: Free-$25 (for Good News Week).
Phone: 02 6205 0588

-jane hampson

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