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What have they been up to since the breakup of DAAS?

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Paul Richard Tim

* Paul
Get Better Soon!

Paul was the leader of the negative team in the 6th Melbourne International Comedy Festival Debate (20/4/97). The question was "Is money the root of all evil?". Paul argued that money says "Yes" (yen, pound, dollar) accompanied by much pelvic thrusting. The negative side won. The debate was broadcast on Channel 7 (30/12/95).

Was Interviewed on Radio National on Tuesday 30th May. (Thanks to Travis Basevi for this news.)

Paul was interviewed on 'Denton', hosted by Andrew Denton on Channel 7 (9/11/95) Cindy Crawford and Billy Baldwin also appeared on this show, in Australia at that time to promote their movie Fair Game.

Memorable moment :

(1) Paul sang to Andrew a song that he claimed to have written for Cindy, but didn't (supposedly) have a chance to sing to her:

"Some people say you're the best thing on tv, I don't know if I'd be that quick to agree, I love the pleasure of your company, I'm waiting over here for you to take advantage of me. . . . ."For who will you turn to to turn you on? Who will you run to when the others have gone? Stop that struggle now and let me be, Wake up to yourself ... and sleep with me"

Paul will host an Australian version of the British program Have I Got News For You to be shown on the ABC in 1996. The show will also feature Mikey Robbins and Judith Lucy. So far, the show is at the pilot stage.

Latest update regarding the TV show Paul is to host is that it will go ahead. The title will be Good News Week with 30 episodes in the offing, starting in April, to be recorded in Melbourne. (Thanks to Que Minh Luu for this info.)

Latest-Latest update is that Good News Week is up and running. It premiered on Friday 12th April 1996, 8pm, on the ABC. Paul is the host, but the panel team leaders are Mikey Robbins and Anthony Ackroyd - instead of Mikey and Judith Lucy and it is being recorded in Sydney (rather than Melbourne).

Trivia, not confimed. Judging from the credit listing of the show, it appears that Paul did the original music -except for the theme song- in the ABC TV kids show The Ferals. I wonder if he saw soul-mates in the main characters? :-) Paul also did the theme music to the now defuct TVTV. Note, there is a possibility that there is another Paul McDermott is employed by the ABC and this may be his work. From the sound of it (no credit listing to confirm this) Paul sings in, and probably composed, the theme song to Good News Week.

Thanks to Rachel Holkner, we can now report that the theme song to Good News Week, called funnily enough "It's Good News Week", although arranged and sung by Paul was originally performed by the band Hedgehoppers Anonymous in 1965. For a one-hit-wonder in the 60's, Hedgehoppers Anonymous does get a few mentions in the Internet. For a brief blurb on them, check out this link which is part of the Bobcat Beatles Archive. They are mentioned about 3/4 of the way down the 45K text document. You can also obtain a CD containing "It's Good News Week" performed by the Hedgehoppers. It's on CD number 2 of the Time-Life DJ Compilation Dick Clark's History Of Rock N Roll (Cat Number TLCD-HR02) It can also be found on the Songs for Peace Compilation, title to be confirmed later on.

If it is true that Paul did compose those TV themes then Paul actually joins quite illustrious ranks! Another person who used to be in a group and has since made his mark as a theme and jingle writer is Les Gock. Les was one of the guitarists in the 70's glam band Hush :-)

Paul McDermott will be performing at the Adelaide Fringe Festival (5-10 March, 12-16 March '96) in MOSH- Hardcore Variety. An anthem for the end of the Century. Chants and body percussion fuse with beautiful harmonies as bodies fly in a sweat soaked frenzy. A tribe of six performers lead by ex Doug Anthony Allstar PAUL McDERMOTT, explodes in a stage party of energy and passion. (Thanks to Carolyn Jaudzems for providing this bit; taken from the Official Gude to the Adelaide Fringe Festival 1996.)

MOSH was also part of the 10th Melbourne International Comedy Festival (1 - 21 April 1996). There is an official Festival website and has a page on MOSH (includes a section with reviews of the show). Sarah Rough has submitted to those rival DAAS pages her own review, but you can't access it directly from here.
The festival website has been updated and is now the site for the 1997 Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Another appearance Paul will make in the Comedy Festival is in the great debate. (The 7th Annual Melbourne International Comedy Festival Great Debate, which is, naturally, part of the 10th Melbourne International Comedy Festival!) Apparently, this year, the debate will be along nationalistic lines with an Australia Vs The U.S. theme (in both the debate topic and in the nationalities of the team members).

Debate update: While the teams were split along nationalistic lines (U.S. vs Australia), the topic was "That political correctness has screwed us all"

Paul has been doing semi-irregular guest spots on JJJ. He has been heard in Angela Catterns' afternoon slot (Mon-Fri 3-6pm) usually on a Tuesday, but sometimes Wednesday, after 5pm.

Paul and Good News Week were a feature article in the Green Guide section of the Sydney Morning Herald on the 15th April 1996. It can't be accessed yet on their archive site. I should be uploading a copy of this article very soon.

Is Paul sucking up to "the establishment"? I ask this, as the following week, another G.N.W. article appeared in the Green Guide telling of the experience on Green Guide reporter had when he appeared on G.N.W. as a panellist. I suppose its one way of getting a positive write-up as a reviewer isn't going to rubbish themselves! :-)

An inteview with Paul is featured in the May 6th 1996 issue of Who magazine. In the article, among other things, Paul mentions he is the younger of twins (non-identical).

Paul has upgraded from frequent guest appearances on radio station JJJ to having a permanent gig. He co-hosts the breakfast shift (6-9am weekdays) with Mikey Robbins.

Yippee! Slaughter a lettuce or two, release the cows, Good News Week is BACK, and with a vengence, and what looks like a bigger budget. The set is different (probably because Paul destroyed the other one with his nose), and it is being taped on actual ABC territory, instead of the old garage down the street. Anthony Ackroyd has been replaced by Julie McCrossin who (as rumour has it) works for weightwatchers or JennyCraig. The show was on the chopping block for a while last year, but it is back for a second season, at the expense of some quiz show starring Ruth Cracknell.
It is broadcast Friday evenings 8pm on ABC.

Good news Week was nominated for a logie in the "comedy" category for the tv week logie awards . Considering they were up against Roy&HG for Club Buggery, they decided to call for their listeners nationwide to buy a copy of the magazine & vote for them, so at least they could go to the ceremony. They did.
Paul was also nominated for "most popular light entertainment personality", but was beaten by Darryl Somers (?).

Paul & Mikey made an appearance at the last Sydney Royal Agricultural Easter Show held at the Sydney Showgrounds (1/4/97)

Paul was leader of the "affirmative" team in the 1997 Melbourne International Comedy Festival Great Debate. The question was "Is Ignorance Bliss?".Paul's argument seemed to lack the panache of the previous debate (is it because it didn't involve the word 'root'?). The debate was broadcast on the ABC (April 1997).

An episode of Good News Week was taped at the Melbourne Town Hall during the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Richard Fidler was a guest on Mikey's team. An article appeared in either the SMH's "The Guide", or in The Daily Telegraph Mirror's "7days TV guide" about Paul and Mikey at the Melbourne Festival. This will be confirmed later on.

Paul and Mikey hosted the finals of Raw Comedy, TripleJ's 1996-97 nationwide search for new comedy talent. It was broadcast on the ABC (8/4/97).

During this week in Melbourne, the breakfast show also did an OB (outside broadcast) from the Clayton Campus of Monash University.

16 May 1997 was the date of Sandman's swim against the Australian Women's waterpolo team at the UNSW swimming pool. This was a result of Popov (Russian swimmer training in Australia) refusing to meet Sandman's challenge for the title of World 50m Freestyle Champion Before the race, Paul shaved Sandman's back. Sandman tied with the goalie (?) of the team. According to Clare, Paul was very amiable at this broadcast, signing anything, and even pledging money for someone's walkathon. Unfortunately he didn't give his phone number.

This week 9 June- 13 June 1997, it seems everyone at Triple J has taken the week off, and not only Paul & Mikey. Paul wasn't sounding too good at the end of last week on air.

Get Better Soon!

Paul appeared (albeit briefly) on channel seven's Witness story on Diana Ah Naid.

Paul was one of the 10 Elle "Rising Stars" in the September 1997 issue.

A cherry on top for all your troubles

Yay! Paul (suspiciously) won the Daily Telegraph's Readers Poll for the Funniest Homegrown Talent. He won by an astounding 1182 votes (2 mine, two Clare's, two Annie's) which was 79% of the entire votes for the poll. Roy and HG were trailing far behind on 100 votes (6.7%). In the article he admitted to cheating by calling the breakfast listeners to vote for him "only if they felt he was funny". Tim was also nominated.

In Triplej's promotion Top 100 things money can't buy many entries involved Paul ... It was run in conjunction with The hottest 100 vol4 release.

Yet Another break! GNW was taped in Brisbane on September 3rd, for (?) TheQueensland International Writers Festival.Guests included Margaret Scott, and Anthony Morgan. Paul and Mikey are on holidays from the Brekky show until Monday 15 September.



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