The Daily Telegraph, 5 March 1998

Good News on guests

At last ... Good News Week returns to the ABC tomorrow night with some familiar faces joining host Paul McDermott and team leaders Mikey Robins and Julie McCrossin.

They are Amanda Keller, Peter Berner, Anthony Morgan and Poppy King. Kate Fischer will be back in the second show and others who have said yes include Democrat Senator Natasha Stott Despoja who will pop up in show three.

New ABC director and Liberal Party power broker Michael Kroger has also agreed to appear but no date has been set.

Producers Ted Robinson and Dan Power are hoping more politicians will be game enough to take part this year. Senator Gareth Evans was a bit of a hit last year and while there doesn't seem to be much of a problem persuading Labor MPs to fornt up, Coalition members are being a bit reluctant.

"We have to be even-handed particularly as it's an election year," Robinson said.

Incidently Robinson is taking great interest in Ten's The Panel - he directed the Toyota commercials that top and tail the show.

-Jacqueline Lee Lewes

Typed up by VellaB