Daily Telegraph, 9 May 1998

Kate defends her Carnell display

ACT Chief Minister Kate Carnell said last night she was not embarrssed by a mime she did on national television which involved an imitation of a Chinese phallus.

Ms. Carnell demostrated a Chinese concept in contraception - sperm-killing electrified underpants - for a bemused audience of mor than 2500 at the taping of the ABC's Good News Week, which screened last night.

But the Chief ministers performance raised more tha a few eyebrows in the national capital, whose citizens are not accustomed to seeing their politicians indulging in such behaviour.

"The response has been pretty much universally positive," a spokesperson for Ms. Carnell told The Daily Telegraph last night.

We're used to people taking cheap shots at Kate, but generally the reponse from members of the public and certainly epople who were at the show were positive."

Ms. Carnell's advisor said the Good News Week taping was "very funny" and the Chief Minister would not rule out a further appearance on the show.

"She entered into the spirit of the contest: it was funny I've got to tell you. It should rate very well."

Good News Week executive producer Ted Robinson yesterday scotched rumours the segment, already controversial, had been edited to remove more explicit scenes.

"What was shown was pretty much the extent of the joke," Mr Robinson said. "She was just being a good sport."

He said he was so impressed with Ms Carnell's performance he would welcome her back on future episodes.

"We'd really like to get her back, and soon," he said. "She's a very good player."

-Emma-Kate Symons and Scott Ellis

typed up by VellaB