Daily Telegraph, 28 May 1998

Blake's wildside wins over GNW

A recent guest spot on Triple J talking to Adam Spencer has opened a new door for Wildside's Racheal Blake (Dr. Maxine Summers).

Spencer, a Good News Week regular, thought the actress was good valuem and passed on the word to the television show's producers.

Blake has subsequently been invited on to tommorrow night's GNW.

Meanwhile, here is the latest word on Good News Weekend, which will replace Roy and H.G.'s The Channel 9 Show from June 13.

So far there has been a workshop, a two-hour test pilot and now a fully-fledged hour-long dress rehersal will be taped on Friday night.


Mikey Robins and Julie McCrossin will lead their teams, plus there will be music, guests and perhaps a song from host Paul McDermott.

McDermott says of the show: "It will either be 10 weeks of wonderful creativity or 10 weeks of sheer tragedy. But it will be fun to watch us either implode or explode."

-Jacqueline Lee Lewes

typed up by VellaB