An Adelaide paper, 10 (?) June, 1998.

Yes I just went and bought todays paper and for once there is a GNW reference!! (Sorry came as a bit of a shock!)

So here is the article.....

Good News for the weekend

How will the new Saturday night Good News Weekend program differ from the Friday nights GNW that ABC viewers are accustomed to? A week befor the first show was due to go to air, regular panel member Julie Mc Crossin still wasn't quite sure.

"It's still very much in creation," McCrossin says. "The essence of the difference will be that, whereas Fiday night has a primary political commentary focus...the Saturday night show is going to be popular culture. We're relaxing; it's the weekend.

"There'll be much less, if any, political commentary and it'll be much more comments on films, magazines, books- and popular music to a significant degree. The other thing is, it's going to be twice as long, an hour."As with the Friday night formula, Saturdays GNWeekend will be built around a series of humurous general knowledge games on the weeks events, played by teams headed by McCrossin and Triple J personality Mikey Robbins. There will be regular guest panelists, with special guests from the entertainment industry, and a band.

"While there will still be a quiz there as a basis, so it will still look like GNW..there will be at least half of the show that isn't a quiz at all."
McCrossin, whose background is in social and political commentary, says the notion of having to keep abreast of entertainment news and pop culture has her "terrified". The show will be produced by Ted Robinson, responsible for such past comedy success stories as The Big Gig, the Gilles Report and The Dingo Principle. McCrossin expects that the programs host, former Doug Anthony Allstar member Paul McDermott, will sing more often.

"He did it on the New Years Eve show and it was quite feverish when he was singing...I think a big incentive for this is to meet that audience demand."

Good News Weekend screens 9:30pm Saturdays on ABC-TV

-Patrick McDonald

Well there's one article :) There's a pic of Paul Mikey and Julie as well, I've seen it before though somewhere so nothing too exciting there.

Ok that killed off the 20 minutes I had left before my lecture :) I better go now :)

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