The Daily Telegraph, 18 June 1998

This is the ratings supplement to the main article, Good news travels fast, published on the same day.

Babysitters' receptive audience

It might not be a permanent arrangement, but so far Good News Week's Saturday night effort is proving popular with the ABC audience.

Last week, for example, the regular Friday night episode of GNW had 251, 400 viewers in Sydney making it the 11th most-watched program on the ABC, 86th overall.

The new Saturday night version, however, did even better with 325, 200 viewers (Sydney) to be 9th best performer for the ABC, 67th overall.

To put that in perspective, the previous week when Roy and HG's Channel Nine Show aired for the final time, it averaged an audience of 311, 700 viewers, but was the 8th most-watched ABC program and 74th overall in a week which included a State of Origin match, a Princess Diana special and other high-raters.

"So far we're all delighted," executive producer Ted Robinson said.

"But that initial figure could have a lot to do with curiosity, it remains to be seen how we do in the long run."

Robinson reiterated the on-screen GNW team's comments that they were just filling in for Roy and HG, but added it was an enviable position.

"It's all care - but no responsibility," he said.

-Scott Ellis

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