Places to visit while leaving town:

Yap On!
A site on which you can find all the happenings of all the universities in Australia.

Leave a message
Did you love or hate GNW when it was shown on Channel ten? Leave a message and tell us why.

The Original daas worship site
I think the name says it all. Hosted by a rival 'concrete' university, UNSW.

The Mosh!! board
Discuss with people with your passion for various members of DAAS, barter over merchandise.

A Bananas In Pyjamas Page. Yay!
Unlike most people who seem to be passionate about  Bananas in Pyjamas because of the merchandise, I *actually* watch the show.

Blink182's unofficial Website
A Californian punk rock band who have toured Australia three times, and each time I have missed them.

A phreaky girl called Katie
One of my friends from high school, now studying to be an architect. Who said engineers and architects don't get on?

Clare's homepage
For tennants on the one true faith, the worship of the Great Lettuce.

Visit the page  that Clare's sister Annie begged me to put a link to. I actually haven't seen this page, so I have no idea of its content.

Vist the page of a total x-files fanatic, Sarah! DWORFM founder.

Visit a really CRAP page on GoodNews Week

The unofficial GNW site
I don't know whether Queensland University counts as a rival ...
A good page, well worth visiting

So, what's your poison? Visit ABC TV's Quantum site  Alan Spencer, sometime panellist on Good News Week and a dj on TripleJ's Departure Lounge will be hosting in 1998.

Visit a really stylish page aboutLettuce That I'm insanely jealous of.

Race Around the world
A page giving you a more in-depth view of RATW, and the racers.
Created by Kyhm Lam, Richard Fidler's wife.