The Daily Telegraph
November 296 1998

Triple Shuffle

Triple J is almost ready to announce its new line - up for 1999. With Mikey Robins out (to pursue TV work) and Jane Gazzo gone (she apparently quit two weeks ago althought her imminent departure was only announced last week), there's been some reshuffling of schedules in Ultimo.

At this stage, it looks like the breakfast shift will become a one-man show with Adam Spencer behind the mic. We hear The Sandman will be dropping in for regular guest spots. Contrary to rumours, Sarah McDonald stays on mornings and Michael Tunn will continue in his early afternoon shift.

The biggest change comes in Spencer' old drive-time slot. Comic duo Merrick and Russo(sic), until now only Triple J part-timers, will get some serious daily airtime to stir up their brand of chaos.

As for Gazzo's old evening shift? Well, seems the Jays aren't quite sure what to do with that one. They may even be in the hunt for a new young female voice to fill the slot.

As for other major changes, it looks unlikely the long-running Creatures of the Spotlight will still be with us on Sunday nights in the new year. So what are the kids supposed to do without Creatures? Whatch the ABC's movie of the week or sumthin'?

-Dino Scatena
-Typed up by VellaB