Daily Telegraph, 18 May 1998

Privately, Kate's a good hit

In a display of conduct most unbecoming to the fiancee of the heir to Australia's largest media fortune, Kate Fischer ysterday took a ping-pong bat paddle to TV host Richard Fidler's posterior and spanked him roundly.

It was not - contrary to the speculation at the scene - an invaluble insight into the psyche of one of Australia's most intriguing soon-to-be-weds, but rather a good humoured display by the budding actress of discipline - the private school way.

As paart of a discussion panel for yesterday's taping of the Comedy Channels Mouthing Off series, Fischer joined fellow private school toff, Michael Hughes (of the ubiqutous Tom Hughes QC clan) to face down public school proponenets, comedians Gabby Millgate and Peter Berner and debate the vitues of their respective almer maters. After describing herseld as having been "really naughty at school" and confessing to having had a crush on her high school P.E. teacher, Miss Miller ("she looked just like Olivia Newton-John"), Fischer wandered off set to dismiss out of hand rumours that she and BJaames were less than happy betrotheds.

"It's all a bit silly really. And not even worth dignifying with a response. "


-Bryce Corbett

typed up by VellaB