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I could have killed my mum this morning when she came home with the Sunday Telegraph instead of the Sun Herald, but much to my delight, I found a little Paul article in it, so here it is...
Saturday, 01-Aug-98 21:38:30 writes:

    Art Of The Cruel Joke
    He's the man with the sharp tongue, devilish face and slightly cheeky grin.
    And for Paul McDermott, the three traits come in handy as he sticks the boot into all and sundry, from politicians to pop stars, on Good News Weekend.
    The humor can be cruel as host McDermott and panel members, led by regulars Mikey Robbins and Julie McCrossin, review the news of the week. But McDermott insists that making a joke is a fine art.
    "The attitude is finding a way into a topic rather than just dropping it," he says.
    "Something like the Di and Dodi car-in-tunnel mishap - well, a tradgedy for some," he says. "It had to be from an angle that no-one else was doing.
    "You can't really avoid a story like that. We weren't making jokes about it. We were making observations."
    But is there anything or anyone that would be spared?
    "Um, no," comes the quick response.
    Despite the apparently off-the-cuff manner in which McDermott hosts the show, he is the first to admit he is dependent on an autocue.
    "I'm certainly not someone who has a photographic memory," he laughs.
    "I have no retention at all any more."
    With the show now a serious cult hit with a loyal following and enormous treet cred, it would be easy to imagine that celebrities are clamouring to get on the panels.
    Sadly, that's not the case.
    "Our dear friend (Victorian Premier) Jeff Kennett kept us hanging on," McDermott says. "It was promises, promises, promises, but it didn't come through.
    "He was meant to be at the first Melbourne show we did at the Comedy Festival. He was going to be in the hot seat."
    Kennett finally ended up honouring his invitation a few weeks later.
    Prime Minister John Howard gave the royal decline to an offer to appear.
    "I'm sure he knows we'd love him to be on. It's a standing offer. We'd make room," McDermott says.
    Why would the PM refuse such a prestigious offer?
    "He could believe he'd be open to ridicule," McDermott says, laughing.
    And why not? When National Party stalwart Ian Sinclair, now the speaker in the House Of Representatives, was on the show, he didn't take too kindly to the fun that was poked.
    "I made what I would see as some tame comments about our Prime Minister, but unfortunately Ian took it a different way and considered it offensive," McDermott explains.
    Good News Weekend airs Saturdays ABC at 9:30pm.

    There's also a picture of Paul there with the most gorgeous smile on his face, looking out of a newspaper.

    Also in the same paper is a Rocky Horror review type thing with a picture if Tim snarling at the camera in his Frank 'n' Furter make-up.

    Appologies for any spelling mistakes, I typed this up in a hurry!!

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