The Daily Telegraph, 8 March 1998

Good News Week (Friday, ABC at 8pm):

The series they never said would make it (which shows foresight ABC programmers have) returns for its third year tonight, with the usual gang of lunatics led by host Paul McDermott (pictured) and some extra special, special guests. Tonight's ring-ins include comic Anthony Morgan, business icon Poppy King, multi-media megastar Amanda Keller and perennial panelist Peter Berner. Not included, despite the press leaks from the ABC, are Felicity and Jeff Kennet and the late Jack Lord.

The Daily Telegraph, 4 September 1997

Good News Week (Friday, ABC at 8pm):
As it did with Port Arthur and Thredbo, GNW will have to skirt around the tragic death of Diana, Princess of Wales - the biggest news story of the week, if not the decade - and find other less depressing items to poke fun at. Joining host Paul McDermott - the dubious winner of The Daily Telegraph's Funniest TV comic poll last week - and sidekick Mikey Robins will be pocket-sized poet Margaret Scott and comedians Rod Quantock and Anthony Morgan.

The Daily Telegraph, 31 July 1997.

Week's holiday
The ABC's Good News Week will move to Brisbane for the Queensland capitals Writers' Festival next month.
The show, recorded on September 3, will go to air two days later.
No guest panelists as yet but the regular team of Paul McDermott, Mikey Robins and Julie McCrossin will all be on deck.
"It's a big event like the Melbourne Comedy Fesitval program, which is our highest-rating program to date," said the show's producer Ted Robinson.

More Good News ... in Sydney the current affairs comedy made it into the ABC's top 10 program's with last week's show.

The Daily Telegraph, 2 May 1997

Good News Week (Friday, ABC at 8pm):
With a display of faith the Seven Network sadly couldn't muster for Garry McDonald, the ABC decided to stick by Paul McDermott when the chips (and the ratings) were down. Now he has repaid them by turning this quirky little celebrity-driven gameshow into a quiet success. Great fun and a good way to catch up on the week's news.

The Daily Telegraph, 25 April 1996

I'm unsure of the source or the date of publication for this review. If you know which episode this review is for, or even whether the Jim Rose circus toured in 1996 or 1997, please contact me.

Good News Week (Friday, ABC at 8pm):
No one can accuse the GNW team of playing it soft in selection of guest team members. Behold this week's line up: JimRose, the (nipple) ringleader of the New Jim Rose Circus, and the American comedians Greg Proops, Jeff Green and Boothby Graffoe. Will Jim Rose attempt to lift 2JJJ's Mikey Robbins with his tongue? And who will win the ego battle between Proops and GNW host Paul McDermott?


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