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If you'd like to see whether either Good News Weekend or Good News Week featured in the top ten of ratings for a particular week, visit the Ratings page. This deals with the number of viewers in Sydney, and the ratings themselves have been taken from The Sydney Morning Herald, who got them from ACNielsen. It's a little incomplete, however

Okay, I've also started to collect articles on the other people who have appeared on the shows. If you know of some that I don't, your mission, if you choose to accept it is to ... tell me about them! Thanks.

The ones I've got so far are

There are also articles on other projects that they have been involved in, and these follow.

* Good News Weekend

This show started with the Good News Week team *babysitting* Roy & H.G.'s 9.30pm Saturday timeslot on the ABC in 1998. Along with Good News Week, it has moved to Channel 10 along the Eastern Seaboard, or Southern Cross Television in Tasmania. Currently, the show runs for a massive hour and a half on Thursday nights from 8.30pm, and is known as Good News Week Lite

I've tried to compile a list of the songs that have been sung on the show. If you have a more comprehensive knowledge, please, please, please contact me.



I've encountered only a few articles to do with the actual show. Most of these are to do with its old incarnation on the ABC:

* Good News Week

This show has undergone has had quite a colorful history.
It was initially modelled on a successful British panel show Have I Got News For You. It premiered on the ABC in March 1996 with a half hour show. . Due to poor ratings, it was very nearly canned at the end of its first season, but much public outcry resulted in it being re-instated. It ran very successfully in 1997-98, consistently rating in the top 90 programs viewed by Sydneysiders.
At the end of 1998, the future looked very grim indeed, with the ABC hesitant about re-signing them. Channel 10 appeared to make the GNW team a good deal, and so the show moved to a Sunday night slot, and expanded to an hour long show.
These are articles on GNW that don't exclusively involve Paul. Some even involve other people to do with the show!

Julie McCrossin

Mikey Robins

Mikey has been writing articles for The City Weekly since September 1998. I've typed up a few of them, but a lot more are to come!